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Applying for Financing

  • Online Application FAQs

    Who can apply? Businesses of all types are eligible to apply for financing with us. Our commercial customers include sole proprietors, established companies, limited liability companies, new business and start up organizations. See Full Answer What do I need to apply? Marlin’s online application is a simple application. You can apply in less than five […]

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  • Financing Timeline

    Life of a Financing Agreement Timeline You select your equipment (if applicable*) and desired financing solution. The application is either completed online or in special cases, phoned or faxed.  A credit analyst receives your application for a decision: Approve, Decline, or Pending More Information. If accepted: A Marlin rep is notified of acceptance and notifies […]

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  • Will this impact my credit?

    Proving your personal credit to Marlin will most likely show up as an inquiry on your personal credit bureau. If approved, Marlin does not report tradelines to Consumer Bureaus unless there is a default. Marlin does share commercial data with Dun & Bradstreet and Paynet to help you build commercial credit.

  • I'm approved. What's next?

    You are now a Marlin preferred customer. Once approved you will be contacted by a salesperson You’ll receive documentation specific to the product you have selected You’ll be informed of any additional information required for the transaction   What’s next once I’m approved for Equipment Financing? Once you are approved for Equipment Financing, the dealer […]

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  • Apply for Additional Financing

    Marlin provides equipment financing for a broad range of industries. We will work with you and create financing solutions to cater to the distinct needs of your business. Give us a call at (888) 318-6756 or simply apply online. You can also contact the Marlin account representative you last worked with – simply contact them directly. […]

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  • Understanding Your First Invoice

    We want your invoice to be easy for you to understand. Below you will find some of the terms on your invoice and their definition, as well as frequently asked questions about invoices. How to Read My Invoice How to read my invoice For an in-depth explanation of your invoice, click here. If you have a […]

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  • Fees and Charges on Your First Invoice FAQs

    Here are some questions frequently asked about fees and charges you may see on your first invoice.   Why was I charged an application or administration fee? Marlin does not charge an application fee. We may charge a fee to compensate us for processing the documents and reimburse us for the fees incurred with filing […]

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  • All About DocuSign

    Docusign is an electronic service Marlin uses for quick, convenient and paperless document execution. Using Docusign allows Marlin to: Prevent or intercept fraud attempts Authenticate signees Speed up our funding process for approved applicants – in other words, you get your money fastest with Docusign Offer our customers the convenience of end-to-end electronic processing Why […]

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  • How To Verify Your Tax Exempt Status

    If your organization is tax-exempt, please inform the vendor sales representative and provide your tax documentation at the point of sale. They will work with us directly to make sure your tax-exempt status is reflected in your financing agreement.

  • Application FAQs

    How does Marlin decide whether or not to approve my loan or lease? Credit decisions can vary depending upon the individual business and its industry, credit rating, time in business, borrowing experience, etc. Similar to how you qualify for personal credit. *Note that there are times where your personal credit will still need to be […]

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  • Understanding Your Cover Letter

    You’ll use this letter as a checklist to make sure you are providing all the documentation we’ll need to release your funds to you.

  • What's next once I'm approved for a Working Capital Loan?

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