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  • Who is Marlin Capital Solutions?

    Marlin is a nationwide provider of capital solutions to small businesses. For over 20 years, Marlin has offered lending products directly to small business owners as well as financing programs to equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers and others. We’re the small business lender We believe in sweat equity, and understand that when opportunity knocks, it’s best to open the […]

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  • Industries Served

    Commercial Vehicles After acquiring Fleet Financing Resources in 2018, Marlin formed our Commercial Vehicle Group and became one of the nation’s top vehicle lenders. We specialize in financing both new and used titled transportation equipment, with programs tailored to businesses that rely on commercial vehicles, including livery, vocational and trucking. Our financing programs range from loans to […]

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  • Why did I receive an invoice from Marlin Capital Solutions?

    Marlin’s Role as a Financing Partner Congratulations on your new equipment purchase! We are Marlin Capital Solutions, a trusted brand and financing partner of the vendor who sold you your equipment. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but we’ve been there since the beginning. When you applied for financing, your application came to us. Though you […]

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  • Marlin CD FAQs

    As an FDIC-insured institution, Marlin Business Bank® is here to help you build your wealth confidently and securely. Our bank holding company, Marlin Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ: MRLN) has been providing financial products to businesses nationwide since 1997.So look forward to tomorrow with confidence, knowing your money is safe while earning interest daily. We have significant experience […]

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