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  • Who is Marlin Capital Solutions?

    Marlin is a nationwide provider of capital solutions to small businesses. For over 20 years, Marlin has offered lending products directly to small business owners as well as financing programs to equipment manufacturers, distributors, dealers and others. We’re the small business lender We believe in sweat equity, and understand that when opportunity knocks, it’s best to open the […]

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  • Industries Served

    Commercial Vehicles After acquiring Fleet Financing Resources in 2018, Marlin formed our Commercial Vehicle Group and became one of the nation’s top vehicle lenders. We specialize in financing both new and used titled transportation equipment, with programs tailored to businesses that rely on commercial vehicles, including livery, vocational and trucking. Our financing programs range from loans to […]

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  • Will I be reminded of the maturity date on my CD?

    Yes, you will be sent a notice prior to the maturity of your CD.

  • Manage CD Account

    To manage your CD account, login here, under “Already have an account?”

  • Can I add money to my CD once it has been opened?

    While you can’t add money to an existing CD, you can open additional CDs at any time.

  • Are there any fees to open or maintain an account?

    No, Marlin Business Bank does not charge opening or maintenance fees. The only fee would be an early withdrawal penalty.

  • What are the interest disbursements for my Certificate of Deposit?

    Interest on CDs is paid at the earlier of renewal, annually or at account closing.

  • Is there a penalty for early withdrawal?

    As with any CD, there is a penalty for the withdrawal of principal prior to the maturity date. The penalty will be the greater of half the interest that would be earned for the term of the certificate of deposit on the amount withdrawn or seven days’ interest.

  • How is interest calculated on a Certificate of Deposit?

    Interest on your CD is compounded daily. Interest will be paid by ACH credit to your checking account.

  • How do I submit my required documents?

    Once you have completed your deposit account online, you have 60 calendar days to provide us with a few required documents before your account can be approved. You must deliver the required documents via: Fax (1-856-813-2879) Email: [email protected] Upload the documents as instructed during the application to complete the account opening process

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  • Why do I need to provide Equipment Proof of Location?

    It’s a credit stipulation for us to verify that the equipment will be used where your place of business is located. We have to do this in order to extend credit to you.

  • How do I know when my CD is open?

    You’ll receive an email with your Customer Number, which you will need to access your account, and the Account Number on the last page of the account opening process. Once we receive all required documentation from you and your account is funded, your CD will be officially opened.

  • What type of documents do I need to open a personal CD account?

    To open a personal CD account, you’ll need to provide us with certain documentation: Government-issued identification Voided check with your name preprinted on the check to set up funding and interest payments

  • What type of documents do I need to open a business CD account?

    To open a business CD Account, you’ll need to provide us with certain documentation: Corporate Resolution (if applicable) Business W-9 Form with tax ID number Voided check with the business name preprinted on the check to set up funding and interest payments

  • Why is the name on my contract different from the name on my invoice?

    Maybe you don’t know who Marlin is, because you don’t recognize us as your financing agent. You may have been expecting an invoice or bill from the company you bought your equipment or product from. However, Marlin provided the funds that allowed you to make your purchase, so your agreement is with us, not the […]

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  • Marlin CD FAQs

    As an FDIC-insured institution, Marlin Business Bank® is here to help you build your wealth confidently and securely. Our bank holding company, Marlin Business Services Corp. (NASDAQ: MRLN) has been providing financial products to businesses nationwide since 1997.So look forward to tomorrow with confidence, knowing your money is safe while earning interest daily. We have significant[...]

  • Why did I receive an invoice from Marlin Capital Solutions?

    Marlin's Role as a Financing Partner Congratulations on your new equipment purchase! We are Marlin, a trusted brand and financing partner of the vendor who sold you your equipment. Maybe you didn’t realize it, but we’ve been there since the beginning. When you applied for financing, your application came to us. Though you may[...]

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