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Tax Exemption

About Sales Tax Exemption

For Loans

If your organization is tax exempt, and you are making your equipment purchase with an EFA or IPA, please inform your dealer’s sales representative and provide your tax documentation at point of sale. They will work with us directly to make sure your tax-exempt status is reflected in your financing agreement.

For Leases

If you are leasing equipment from Marlin, you can provide your documentation directly to the dealer or Marlin sales representative handling your transaction.

Questions About Your Tax Status?

If you’ve already made your purchase and believe that you should have been exempt from sales/use tax, please email an exemption certificate to Customer Care.

About Property Tax Exemption

If you are leasing equipment through Marlin, your tax-exempt status will not affect your payments. Marlin, as the owner of the leased equipment, is required to report all leased equipment, even if the equipment is leased by lessees in the government, church or non-profit sectors. Since Marlin is not a tax-exempt entity and is the owner of the equipment, the lessee’s tax exemption does not pass to Marlin. The tax assessors of each individual jurisdiction make the determination as to whether or not to assess taxes on the assets.

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