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our exclusive partner portal

When you partner with Marlin, the benefits don’t end at affordable financing solutions for your customers. We also provide tools like MarlinNet to help you manage your application pipeline & customer portfolio.

Our partners use MarlinNet anytime to check on the current status of a customer application or look up the history of a contract. Save time and skip the call to your Marlin sales rep — unless you just want to say, “hi!”

Get the information you’re looking for by yourself, on the spot, to save time for yourself AND your repeat customers. 

With MarlinNet, you can quickly, easily log in to our secure platform and take care of business.

  • Check status of submitted applications
  • Receive notifications of approvals
  • Keep track of customers' contracts: payments, remaining term/balance, etc.

  • Automate reports and key metrics
  • Add your sales team as users and allow them to submit applications for instant decisions
  • Assign user roles and access levels across your team

the tool you’ll need to close those deals

MarlinNet’s straight-forward reporting capabilities make doing business with us even more convenient. High volume dealers can rely on our quick, easy account management platform to monitor customer applications and accounts anytime, anywhere, directly in the portal.

So you can spend your time closing deals instead of waiting to hear back from a representative.


Digital platform allows you to login anywhere you have internet access.

24/7 Access

To approvals, reports, customer invoices and even buy-out details.

Metrics & Reporting

For portfolios, stats, and other data to help inform your sales strategies.

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