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Stephenson Speaks to Marlin's Strength as "Foundational U.S. Piece of HPS’ Global Leasing Platform" in Monitor Daily Article

Bill Stephenson recently gave an exclusive interview with highlighting his big career move to HPS Global Leasing, as well as his plans to rapidly expand the company's global footprint.

3 Ways to Shop Small on Small Business Saturday in 2021

Start your holiday shopping with Small Business Saturday on Nov. 27, so you can back local retailers and infuse money back into your community.

How to Attract Customers on Small Business Saturday

Consumer holiday spending is set to grow 7–9% in 2021. Here’s how small business owners can maximize opportunities on Small Business Saturday.

Don’t Avoid the ‘Financing’ Talk

We understand costs can be high for customers, but we can help make financing talk easier for both your business and your customers.

4 Ways Working Capital Loans Fund Growth

You don’t have to front personal money to finance an expansion project. A working capital loan for small business can help you grow even when low on cash.

3 Values Emerge in Chaos: Our Pandemic Story

As a small business lender, Marlin was in the middle of the storm of the pandemic’s effects on the economy. CEO Jeff Hilzinger shares our story and outlines how COVID-19 has fueled a transformation at Marlin.

How to Shop Small in 2020

Here are 4 clever ways to have a socially distant experience on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28.

6 Steps for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a holiday meant for the small mom-and-pop stores to thrive and give them more attention. Here are some ways small businesses can prepare to get the most out of it!

How Equipment Financing Fuels Our Economy

Just as small businesses steer the economy, financing is integral to driving small businesses forward.

3 Steps for Financing Your Small Business

In this article originally published on, Mark Scardigli outlines 3 steps for getting financing for a small business in your industry.

Benefits of Financing for Small Businesses

Saving extra cash is just one way financing equipment for small businesses can be beneficial. Here are some more ways financing can benefit your business.

Drone Technology Takes Off

By 2026, industry experts believe commercial drones could add $82 billion+ and 100,000+ jobs to the U.S. economy.

Determining Your Capital Needs

Prepare yourself by taking time to find out what you need and how you'll repay borrowed funds.

Young Professionals Move Up

Millennials, the largest segment of today's workers, will comprise 75% of the U.S. workforce by 2025.

Importance of Risk Management

The aim of risk management is to identify potential loss-generating events and try to prevent them.