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Why You Need to Offer a Buy Now, Pay Later Option

Do you offer a BNPL option to your B2B customers who are buying equipment? Here’s why offering BNPL customer financing makes sense for businesses.

Get Customers Approved for Financing

See how Marlin’s funding tools can help get your customers approved for financing in 3 simple steps.

4 Marlin Digital Tools for Accelerating Equipment Sales

Each Marlin digital tool, from fa$tTrak to MarlinNet, can transform the frequency with which your team moves products and signs contracts.

Marlin’s Digital Services Support You

At Marlin, being client-centric and being digital go hand in hand. Here’s how our digital options enhance our people-to-people services and processes.

Business Trends for 2021

These equipment financing and leasing trends are affecting your customers from obtaining the tools they need to adapt.

3 Sales Objections to Overcome with Financial Solutions

See how financing solutions can help you overcome hurdles with your potential customers.

Don’t Avoid the ‘Financing’ Talk

We understand costs can be high for customers, but we can help make financing talk easier for both your business and your customers.

3 Values Emerge in Chaos: Our Pandemic Story

As a small business lender, Marlin was in the middle of the storm of the pandemic’s effects on the economy. CEO Jeff Hilzinger shares our story and outlines how COVID-19 has fueled a transformation at Marlin.

Marlin CEO talks digitization in podcast episode

Jeff talks leading Marlin through the early days of COVID-19 — and leveraging 2020's challenges to fuel a digital transformation.

How to Shop Small in 2020

Here are 4 clever ways to have a socially distant experience on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28.

3 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Digital

A sales team can thrive in remote work if they have the training, digital sales enablement tools, and easy online portals for buyers they need for success.

How Equipment Financing Fuels Our Economy

Just as small businesses steer the economy, financing is integral to driving small businesses forward.

Ways Restaurants Can Become Stable After COVID-19

COVID-19 presented unique challenges to the restaurant industry. Here's how restaurants can work toward recovery from coronavirus' economic impact.

How to Cut Costs in Business for Lean Operations

Are you trying to figure out how to reduce expenses in your small business? Lean operations begin with a close look at an up-to-date cash flow statement.

3 Strategies for a Good Contingency Plan

How can a small business survive an economic crisis? With a good business contingency plan.