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4 Ways Working Capital Loans Fund Growth

You don’t have to front personal money to finance an expansion project. A working capital loan for small business can help you grow even when low on cash.

3 Values Emerge in Chaos: Our Pandemic Story

As a small business lender, Marlin was in the middle of the storm of the pandemic’s effects on the economy. CEO Jeff Hilzinger shares our story and outlines how COVID-19 has fueled a transformation at Marlin.

Marlin CEO talks digitization in podcast episode

Jeff talks leading Marlin through the early days of COVID-19 — and leveraging 2020's challenges to fuel a digital transformation.

How to Shop Small in 2020

Here are 4 clever ways to have a socially distant experience on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28.

6 Steps for Small Business Saturday

2020 marks the tenth anniversary of Small Business Saturday. American Express created the holiday in 2010...

Recover from 2020 With Working Capital Loans

Hope is on the horizon for smaller companies negatively affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and changes...

3 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Digital After the Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many small businesses underwent a forced experiment of their employees’ abilities...

How Equipment Financing Fuels Our Economy

There’s no shortage of indicators that describe how the economy is performing, but some of...

4 Ways Restaurants Can Become More Stable After COVID-19

The restaurant industry faced a number of unique challenges due to COVID-19. Many restaurant owners...

How to Cut Costs in Business for Lean Operations

There’s no denying the COVID-19 pandemic hit small businesses particularly hard, with the U.S. Chamber...

3 Strategies for a Good Business Contingency Plan

We still don’t know the mark COVID-19 will leave on the global economy and workforce...

3 Strategies for Post-Pandemic Planning for Business

Lockdowns, quarantines, and face masks aren’t as novel as they might seem. From the cholera...