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3 Steps for Financing Your Small Business

To secure financing for a small business, there are a few steps to ensure this important decision is approached in the most successful way possible.

Equipment Financing and Working Capital Loans

Use financing to pay off your equipment while also using a working capital loan to cover growth expenses. Here’s how.

Applying for a Working Capital Loan

Here’s what Marlin's analysts look for when reviewing applications.

4 Advantages of Working Capital Loans

Marlin's working capital loans for small businesses offer several advantages to owners needing quick cash.

Working Capital Dos and Don'ts

Learn the benefits and pitfalls of working capital loans, and how they can help your small business bridge gaps and grow.

3 Values Emerge in Chaos: Our Pandemic Story

As a small business lender, Marlin was in the middle of the storm of the pandemic’s effects on the economy. CEO Jeff Hilzinger shares our story and outlines how COVID-19 has fueled a transformation at Marlin.

Marlin CEO talks digitization in podcast episode

Jeff talks leading Marlin through the early days of COVID-19 — and leveraging 2020's challenges to fuel a digital transformation.

How to Shop Small in 2020

Here are 4 clever ways to have a socially distant experience on Small Business Saturday, Nov. 28.

6 Steps for Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a holiday meant for the small mom-and-pop stores to thrive and give them more attention. Here are some ways small businesses can prepare to get the most out of it!

3 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Digital

A sales team can thrive in remote work if they have the training, digital sales enablement tools, and easy online portals for buyers they need for success.

How Equipment Financing Fuels Our Economy

Just as small businesses steer the economy, financing is integral to driving small businesses forward.

Ways Restaurants Can Become Stable After COVID-19

COVID-19 presented unique challenges to the restaurant industry. Here's how restaurants can work toward recovery from coronavirus' economic impact.