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We’re Clearing Up 3 Big Myths Surrounding Small Business Financing

Have you been told that the only way to handle your small business finance arrangements is with cash? You deserve to know all your financing options.

Financing as a Tool; 4 Questions Before Loans

Financing isn’t a crutch; in fact, borrowing money can be a smart solution for small business owners. Here’s when to apply for a loan.

Loans vs. Credit: Which Is Right for You?

Are you better off getting a business credit card, line of credit, or working capital loan? Here’s how to know which type of financing fits your goals.

Get Customers Approved for Financing

See how Marlin’s funding tools can help get your customers approved for financing in 3 simple steps.

4 Marlin Digital Tools for Accelerating Equipment Sales

Each Marlin digital tool, from fa$tTrak to MarlinNet, can transform the frequency with which your team moves products and signs contracts.

Marlin’s Digital Services Support You

At Marlin, being client-centric and being digital go hand in hand. Here’s how our digital options enhance our people-to-people services and processes.

Business Trends for 2021

These equipment financing and leasing trends are affecting your customers from obtaining the tools they need to adapt.

3 Sales Objections to Overcome with Financial Solutions

See how financing solutions can help you overcome hurdles with your potential customers.

How Financing Can Help Your Post-COVID Needs

Here’s how small business financing options can help you meet these new needs in the post-pandemic world.

Don’t Avoid the ‘Financing’ Talk

We understand costs can be high for customers, but we can help make financing talk easier for both your business and your customers.

Incorporate Working Capital Loans In Your Business Plan

Business owners deal with three common issues when creating their 12-month business plans. Can working capital loans help you overcome these stumbling blocks?

Equipment Financing and Working Capital Loans

Use financing to pay off your equipment while also using a working capital loan to cover growth expenses. Here’s how.

Need a Working Capital Loan?

Here are four questions to help you decide whether the loan makes sense for your business right now.

Applying for a Working Capital Loan

Here’s what Marlin's analysts look for when reviewing applications.

4 Advantages of Working Capital Loans

Marlin's working capital loans for small businesses offer several advantages to owners needing quick cash.